I can’t remember where I met Morgan, an Australian studio musician / drummer who for the last year has been traveling the earth as a freelancing web designer. He’s worked with Manchester United, Asia’s Next Top Model and Deputy just to name a few!

I mean, I feel like I’ve known him for 10+ years, I really have minimal recollection of my life without him being someone that I know, I guess that’s just how it is with some people, you see them once every 3 years and it feels just like last week ya know?

Morgan LOL
Morgan’s had a really interesting journey over the last 3 years, which in short has led to him meeting another wonderful person (now his partner) called Rua, whom is a truly hilarious beauty, on an equally powerful journey to achieve the societal impossibility of self love, strength and understanding.

I must have gotten a message from Morgan perhaps 3 months ago letting me know his story up to date (keep in mind he covered about 3 years of life here) and long story short he was in London with Rua and they wanted to come hang out for a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

….Of course, like a fool, I welcomed them with open arms.

Morgan LOL 8
What ensued was 2 days of torture, painful jokes and a few torn stomach muscles. The laughter was seemingly endless, the conversation either pun fests or deep with the vastness of the ocean and delicate nature of a floating feather. I guess you could compare it to talking to someone on their death bed while listening to them pour their hearts out to you, then you return with “I get that, but you’re still a dick ;)”.

It’s one of those rare, beautiful friendships and connections where generally speaking every word is understood, felt and listened to. Each joke no matter how distasteful always seems to generate a laugh and deep down there’s some love brewing from the moment you meet up until the moment they leave.

I think it’s more the aspect of loving the fact the tossers were going home HAHAHA!!!! 😀 (I’m joking of course!).

It was so peaceful… *long gaze of agony*.

Morgan LOL 2
So Rua is Russian…. I’m joking, but I had to throw this in just to make her bit her lip / hold her tongue and generate another inside laugh! (Sorry Rua!).

Rua is a truly gifted Yoga teacher whom has a deep sense of connection with other people, so actually offers retreats at incredible locations for ridiculously modest prices, if you love life, yoga pants and stunning locations, seriously go check out her next retreat in May! Did I mention that she donates a minimum of 10% of all her profits to support projects such as the protection of this incredible natural reserve through O-Live Environmental Association, but also the education of disadvantaged children in India through organisations such as Make a difference or Nanhi Kali? Because she does!

Anyway! So here we are, hanging out when Rua drops the famous “Do you think we could get some pictures of my Yoga for my website?”, again, like a fool I agree wholeheartedly! “OF COURSE RUA! I’D LOOOOVE TO! WHAT FUN! WHAT FUN!!!”

Morgan LOL 3
12 hours later….. after multiple session pauses for cake, pack down mid session for an angry mother and re-setup again at 11pm… we’re all in good spirits (*sigh*) when Morgan disappears for a few minutes, I can’t say I really paid too much attention at this point due to tiredness I just remember him taking down have the set on his way out and I couldn’t help but encourage him with a few choice words.

Full of tact of course. In fact, I probably even told him to take half the set down as if to subtly push home the fact that our life is delicate and our existence now matter how well constructed can collapse at any moment when a man wants food.

Pose 01

2 minutes later, Rua is breathing through her hoop (Gane term) and exhausted from ridiculous poses standing on her fingers or something, I wasn’t really watching, I didn’t even take a single picture all night, I just kept pressing the “test” button on the flashes to make her feel better, like we were actually working.

That’s obviously a joke. I remember every.single.picture. That it took us 12 hours to achieve…. *sigh*.

Morgan LOL 1
The door opens at the side of the setup, and all you see in the vast darkness and silence is the stupidest grin you’ve ever seen, a blonde mop and the phrase “Does anyone fancy a carrot?”.

That broke me, that was the final straw, I couldn’t breath for 5 minutes. After the length of today, that line was delivered with a sheer comical brilliance that only a destroyed, tired, hungry Australian man could deliver.

Morgan LOL 6
After shooting, packing up, giving them the photos and then sitting down to relax, I realised it was 4:00am and I had to be up in 4 hours to take them to the train station… SHIT. I do recall at one point having a conversation with them both about a chick they knew who was “40 but looks 30”. I just asked if she could do the splits, if she could, hook me up AHAHAHA :D.

Shortly before packing up everything we did a quick portrait session for Morgan to put on his website, simple one light setup with a reflector under the chin and back of the head.

It hit me hard the next day, I did an early shift at work as I couldn’t take it, was falling asleep at work, yet I get home and can’t sleep until 3am.. HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE!?

So we got them to the station on time, off they went, and the idiots invited me to go visit them before they leave the country.

I literally have no idea how much more I can take, I’ve thrown every insult I know at them and they still want more. I just don’t think I have the strength anymore hahahahahahaha 😀

Morgan LOL 4
After they had left I decided to use one of the yoga poses for my own vision. As a conceptual photographer I like to tell a story based around what I observe / feel. Rua is a beautiful person, full of energy, compassion and great intention.

She’s honest, trustworthy and gets offended far too easily :D, I decided to take this concept of a powerful spirit / being with their own struggles in life, their own battle and the undeniable passion to progress / improve and grow and put it into an image I felt she would connect with.

Morgan LOL 5
I decided to have her falling from the sky reaching out for feathers to signify her being born into life at the deep end, like most of us, falling to the ground without a wing to glide on (see what I did there?), so she’s doing everything she can to grab those feathers and build her wings while everything else is seemingly getting in the way, the fabric, the wind, the fall, the feathers, nothing is easy, but everything is possible.

Just keep going. Suffice to say, after our hangout for a few days, I think she and Morgan flew back to London with some new energy. At least I hope.

Was a pleasure having you guys down! Hopefully see you soon and safe travels. I love you. Even if you are a complete pair of bastards. 😉

Morgan LOL 7
Namaste x

Special FX (Fabric / Feathers): bit.ly/1NOCET9

Morgan’s Web Services: http://morgancarter.com.au/
Rua’s Yoga Retreats:  http://www.ruayoga.com