So I was at his house yesterday and wanted to get a new portrait to add to my collection. I was using the 85mm 1.2L set at 1.2 in his living room. After a really quick “Stand here, squint your eyes a touch, chin out and down *snap*” we realised that while the image was cool, it lacked something… “We need a reflector! Have you got anything white?”, He responded “I have a towel?”.

So we clamped that sucker to the door frame and used it as fill on the right side of Steve’s face. Steve? Yeah Steve! The guy I went caving with. Not Shia? I know right, I’ve had 3 women (make that 4) tell me they thought this was Shia Labeouf now… I’m a cruel man with all my pranks I know.

Remember the time I joked about shooting Abraham from the walking dead? Yeah people bought that one too, even my own Sister! HAHAHAHA!

This one:

Anyway, here’s the picture of Shia, I mean Steve!