The shoot for Sprung was a really interesting one, it was a real glimpse into that reality of how “nothing ever goes to plan” otherwise known as, life haha! I showed up at 8:30am as planned and the guys were up to their heads with work still left to do, they were tired after a no doubt long night previously.

They were in cracking spirits considering how knackered they must have been hahaha!

I get the impression they worked through the night to get to where they were. Sean wasn’t in a great place that day, it’s the first time I’ve seen the giant weak. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, I actually respected the guy for just keeping his demons inside and still getting on with his job.

I just got a glimpse into just how difficult it must be for people that have come back from war. I remember touching his shoulder to say goodbye and he was visibly shocked by the interaction. What are you supposed to do in a situation like that? You can’t take the pain away, and inside, doing/saying nothing kills you.

I decided to drive home after a few hours waiting and agreed to come back around 4pm (an hour and a half before I had to go to another job). I headed down, setup the lighting and jumped straight in. The sun had moved almost 180 degrees compared to the morning so I had no choice but to simulate the sun with my flash setup.

I blocked out the windows with my 200cm reflector / diffusion panel and fired an octa straight into it. There was also a bare flash inside the room / container. I was using my 85mm, 50mm and I borrowed a 12mm from Steven Fisher. Legend.

Sprung--17Sprung--4 Sprung--7 Sprung--6 Sprung--13

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