Man, what a build up to this shoot… I don’t even know where to start the story. Give me your patience on laying this butter out for your toast and I’ll do my best to spread some cool taste haha!

For the last year of my life I’ve had the biggest struggle, money, lifestyle, weight, health, relationship, work, you name it and there’s a high chance it went to shit for me.

In 13 months, a single client. That gave me a grand total of less than $500 for a years wages,

This year, out of seemingly nowhere, all of the hard work seems to be starting to roll into something, it’s been just 3 months into this year and in the last 2 alone I’ve had 7 clients ranging from locals to cities.. that’s an increase of 700%.

When my jobs failed, I felt weak, when my health / fitness dropped I felt guilty, when my money ran out I felt stressed and caged, when my relationship ended I felt broken, stabbed and left to bleed out.

I was as close to giving up as you can get. I felt like nobody wanted what I was offering as a being, nobody wanted what I was giving so much of. On reflection nearly 6 months down the line since my relationship ended I’ve come to the conclusion that people love what I have to offer as much as I love theirs.

Only you have to find the right people, the right place and the right time. It made me realise that regardless of how much you want something to work out, no matter how painful it is to let go and move on, there’s always something else around the corner. Don’t waste your precious time on earth worrying about those who walked away.

That doesn’t mean you should treat those people with negativity, not at all! Quite the contrary, treat them with the love and grace you felt before they left. They deserve it as much as you do.

Sometimes people don’t have the knowledge, experience, strength or maturity to explain why they do something, all they know is it’s the right thing for them to do at the time.

You can’t punish people for that. Regardless of the pain and confusion left behind. You have to take the upper ground and let it slide (on top of them and watch them suffocate while you raise your arms screaming like a maniac!! I’M JOKING!!!! I’M JOKING!!!).

A good friend of mine Morgan visited me from Australia a few years ago (roughly 3 or 4) and we met for the first time in person and had a relaxing experience out in the woods :D.

Fast forward to last week and Morgan came over again only this time he had a girlfriend in tow! We hung out and had a blast where I then got invited to go and stay with them in London before they went back home.

I took them up on the offer and also managed to tie this up with Marcus White for a shoot we had previously planned for later in the year. Lots of parking and dashing, lots of laughter, lots of cool images. Oh, and LOTS of lying on the floor. I got to hang out with a lot of cool people that completely changed my perspective on life, they changed where I was focused and what I wanted to do for a living.

I realised that I take pictures or people and things that I want to get to know personally. Perhaps that’s why I took so many pictures of my last GF, I felt like I couldn’t get in and taking pictures was a way of connecting with her in a way we couldn’t in real life.


The pictures bypassed the awkwardness and need to talk.

After a day hanging with Rua and Morgan in London we parted ways and have no plans to ever see each other again. I’m joking! Hahahahaha! Will be a while though for sure, money can do that to you! Day 2 of London consisted of the shoot with Marcus and man, what a day that was. SO MUCH FUN!

I think my favourite part of the whole day was walking into a hotel cocktail bar and taking photos while no one said a word. Meanwhile 10 minutes later I take this shot against a closed business at 22:30 down a back alley and someone came out and has a go at us for shooting without permission HAHAHA! OOPS!


That night I got to spend it with a few more good friends of mine Marco and Khaitee where we had a few drinks and wandered about the town. Khaitee lives in a pub in the center of London, something about being there mademe want to move to London instantly.

I raised this as an idea and immediately had 3 people offer me a place to stay and a job… It’s possible and it’s happening, just need to get out of debt first!


Day 3 was hanging with one of my closest friends of all time Jay. He has a sense of humor and style of wit unmatched by anyone I know. There’s just something about his energy that exudes genuine love and passion for socialising. He loves you as much as he loves his children, he’s a wonderful man who never ceases to liven up a room and make everyone smile.

I remember sitting down in the pub before I left London, Kay spots this bulldog across the way and says “Awww look at her, you should get a picture, she’s adorable”. So I ask the owner if I can get a shot and lay down on the floor at the entrance to the pub, nobody bats an eyelid. That’s what I love about London.

After getting this gorgeous shot of Lola (She has Instagram) I spoke with Patrick (her owner) and we exchanged details to keep in touch, we wifi’d my camera to his phone and he downloaded the images. Killer!

Jay then proceeded to tell me about “The Cat Village” where you can book a table to eat food while petting cats, on top of a “movie night” where you basically sit down and watch a movie with various “members of staff” wandering around and blocking your vision with their fluffy bodies. OH and let’s not forget the amazing Pug in a pram.

2016-03-03 02.29.39 1

So here Jay is, eating sushi when he hears a “BARK”, he’s looking around this sushi bar thinking “What the hell? There’s a dog in here?” turns out there’s a pug, strapped into a pram, being fed sushi by the owner…. Only in Shoreditch…

2016-03-02 09.37.52 1