Behind The Scenes with Joseph Parry and Luu Woolley from Richard Wakefield on Vimeo.

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This. Was a powerful day for me that didn’t hit me until last night. I was sat alone on my bed watching the stars twinkle, the car lights go by one by one (or two by two if you’re like that :D). Heavily worn down, tired, 4am was hitting me again.

It felt like another nightly dose of Richard Terborg was upon me, and as always, he came to me like a night in shining armour. Then I slowly realised something incredibly personal had happened to me since meeting Luu Woolley. Those of you who have known me for some time, will know that I had a very sudden, painful breakup from a relationship that I truly loved being a part of.

It had killed my trust, my emotion, my connection with women, my desire for a partner or relationship of any kind. If you go and look at my website right now you’ll see that it’s all men with few exceptions. Luu being the biggest.

Over the last 7 months slowly, people have began to trust me with their business, their image, their friendship. Never before have I had such an incredible amount of people surrounding me.

From long time friends such as Juani-pirateslut Cummings and Kay right through to newer people such as Udi, Clinton and Richard. I was hit with a realisation that through all the pain, the depression, the confusion and heartbreak.

I saw a picture of my previous partner with her new one. And I felt happy. I smiled to myself and saw that she was happy, that’s all I ever wanted. Her dad liked one of my photos on Instagram a month or so ago, I’ll never forget that.

It shows people still think about you when you’re gone.

Working with the wonderful people around me I’ve been able to slowly heal more and more, and continue to work on myself and my career.

On this occasion I’ve been fuelled by the love and generosity, immense talent and kindness of Luu, her family Vanessa, Martin and Jack.
Fuelled by the talent, wit and ferocious sense of humours from Clinton and Richard Wakefield.
Fuelled by the warmth, trust and unforgettable generosity of people such as Udi and Stefan.

And for this, I thank all of you, deeply, warmly, openly. I appreciate you. All of you.

For without you all, this would never have been created.

I love you.

BTS Videographer: Richard-Wakefield Photography
Model: Luu Woolley model