Hey Pixels!

I wanted to share with you the absolute joy of my recent work with Riccardo Iozza, a kick-ass Italian fashion photographer. Together we’ve created a beautiful set of imagery with lots of dynamic range, punchy contrast and luscious tones. It#s called “Green Tea” and was published in #3 of La Plus Belle Magazine.

We had a beautiful team on board for this shoot:

Photo: Riccardo Iozza
Models: Giulia Doria & Chiara Pistorio
Stylist: Marco Krasiński
MUA: Simona Petrucci
Retouch: JP Retouch

Riccardo had an idea for the style he wanted on this set with regards to the sky colour, he told me he wanted to have cyan/green styled skies. The easiest way to achieve this was to use a combination of selection methods/mask editing.

After some minor healing, and DB (Dodge & Burn), I used mainly “Select Colour” within Photoshop and selected the sky to isolate it from everything else. I then painted out the rest of the mask I didn’t want to be impacted such as the sea. It makes me feel proud to be a retoucher when people trust in my creative vision. It just feels great! Let me post the images below so you guys can melt over them like I did.

©Riccardo Iozza ©Riccardo Iozza ©Riccardo Iozza ©Riccardo Iozza ©Riccardo Iozza ©Riccardo Iozza ©Riccardo Iozza ©Riccardo Iozza©Riccardo Iozza

I had an absolute blast on this set! Can’t wait for more work with Riccardo in the future <3


If you guys are looking to work with me in future hit me up on my website and drop me an email!