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Does anyone fancy a carrot?


I can’t remember where I met Morgan, an Australian studio musician / drummer who for the last year has been traveling the earth as a freelancing web designer. He’s worked with……

Working with RubberGorilla.co.uk


Woa! What a cool couple of weeks!

The week started with this mysterious box landing on my doorstep full of a kick ass mask and leaflets from Rubber Gorilla! I’d contacted them a while back and……

19km of Blackcurrent Semen


WHOA! I bet you’re thinking “What the hell is that title all about?” well trust me, after the read it’ll all become bluntly clear and hilariously ingrained into any long walk to happen to endure……

Selling a lens (Product Photography)

04 Colour Correction / Minor Dust removal.

Hey guys! How is your Sunday going? Rainy as hell here in the UK! I’m selling my Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 in order to fund a 135mm so that I can get my bokeh fill……

The five people you meet in heaven.


My (ex) Girlfriend put me onto this epic book called “The five people you meet in heaven”. Really is an epic read, go pick up a copy and do your life a great service! More……

Vision: Halloween (Steve)


Welcome to the fifth and final of my vision posts, where I’m going to give you the full run down of my latest shoot with behind the scenes pics, tips, tricks, problems (and……