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My Interview with FStop.FM


Check it out here: https://blog.fstop.fm/2016/08/07/joseph-parry-the-realist/

My Heart Out In The Bluebells (BTS Video)


Behind The Scenes with Joseph Parry and Luu Woolley from Richard Wakefield on Vimeo.

Behind The Scenes: Two Jake’s, One Tree…


Hey guys! Here’s a behind the scenes look at the latest shoot I did with Jake Milan and Jake Chown, I found this killer tree a while back that I just HAD to shoot at,……

Creating Three Dimensional Space In Your Composites!


Hey guys, just a really quick gloss over the basics of how to use some of the stocks from RAWEX. These things seriously rule! Check out everything from dust to water, snow, rain,……

03 The Demon Rising


It laughed so loud the wall exploded, in time slowed down the vibrations kissed the surface of the dried, moulding paint and crept its way inside. Reaching out like feelers made of searing flames the……

02 The Seven +8 (The cliff or the sky?)


Crush, Deny, Pain, Lone, Fury, Fear, Light. +Dark.

When he was a boy, he was fearless. The ball of weakness that remained an ignorant putty to the ways of the world and the consequences of existence…….

01 Why are you here?


You raise your fingers gently until they touch the skin below your right eye, it’s dark tonight. The moisture is piercing the pores of your skin more than you’d expected, perhaps you’re more……